The environment, economics and the conundrum we face

It is naive, simplistic and idealistic to espouse environmental and economic reform, without understanding enough about both and greed. It needs to be clearly understood here that I have no qualifications in either environmental management, psychology or economics, so please bear with me. However, I live in a society whose economic system is based on the creation of debt which fuels an ever-growing, consumer-driven economy, I live on a planet which is no longer able to sustain that system, and I have a scientifically based tertiary education which encourages the questioning of things that are broken. If you read a little and watch a bit of TV, you probably also have the idea that all is not well in paradise, and that it is in fact broken! Is it not ironic then that we also have the opportunity, being the generation facing economic collapse and environmental catastrophe, to stop, re-assess the systems which have failed us and make a new beginning?

Not having said much to establish my credentials, this then is my departure point, but it is enough of a fundamental understanding of economics and the environment to bring home our reality. We, the fleas that inhabit the dog that sustains, are systematically destroying it at an ever increasing pace, making the fundamental mistake of believing that technology and politicians will save us. Sadly, politics generally attracts stupid and greedy individuals who seek to enrich themselves by plundering the coffers of public money –

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