Litter, re-cycling and your environment…

Litter, re-cycling and your environment…

In line with the current trend for professionals to maintain their professional registration through CPD or Continued Professional Development, I less than eagerly, attended a recent seminar on, brace yourselves: Litter removal from Stormwater. This is not a subject which had me champing at the bit, but it was local, cheap and earned me one CPD point of five required for the year. In fairness to the presenter, Prof. Armitage from UCT, he shared some enlightening information which was presented with a good dose of humour by someone who knows his subject well. I am not about to bore you with the full contents of the seminar, but rather to highlight an aspect or two which is relevant to every one of us as consumers. It’s hard to admit this, but yes brethren, I confess –

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I have just discussed you popping in for an hour to assess a portion of our property : 15 Raven Place.

    I have the original plans with me.

    I have to dig them out to find the Erf number. Please respond so I can catch your email adress. and send any further info through.



    • Hi Michelle

      My apologies, I did not receive your email, but was busy updating my website when I saw your message which was recorded as a comment on one of my blog posts.
      Please email me on for a swift response.
      I can meet you on Friday at 10h00 if convenient for you.
      Kindly also provide a contact no. on which I can reach you.

      Many thanks


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