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  • Recognizing the future

    Consider how past crises have focused the minds of humanity, and understand how this applies more so than ever, right now. Before focusing on the future, we need to understand the present and the uncertainties it holds for humanity. We have a status quo which is under question, so let’s look at a few of […]

  • If only we could find a cure…

    A significant amount of money is spent worldwide on research for cures for various medical conditions which afflict the human race. This is fairly understandable when you consider the issue on a superficial basis.

  • Water, liquid gold or limitless commodity?

    Congratulations to the “powers that be” for finally erecting banners in Plett informing the public that water is a scarce commodity and needs to be used wisely. Water is a finite resource, and the notion that if we haven’t enough to continue on our present path of development…

  • The environment, economics and the conundrum we face

    It is naïve, simplistic and idealistic to espouse environmental and economic reform, without understanding enough about both and greed.

  • The environment and economics… in that order please!

    Watching a recent documentary on “People & Power” on Aljazeera, made the obvious, yet largely ignored concept of the environment and then the economy, really sink in.

  • Litter, re-cycling and your environment…

    In line with the current trend for professionals to maintain their professional registration through CPD or Continued Professional Development, I less than eagerly, attended a recent seminar on, brace yourselves: Litter removal from Stormwater.

  • A few thoughts from the pen of the Green Engineer

    When I think of energy, my first thoughts jump to my sons and their mates playing soccer on the field next door or the look on my young labrador’s face and his spontaneous pronking after the utterance of either of the words”food”